DZP-1b - Modern and highly functional Vehicle-trailer electric connection tester used in vehicle inspection stations, services and garages.

- complex testing of vehicle electric connecters and wiring systems of trailers (12 V and 24 V)
- check of the continuity of wires in CAN bus (ABS/EBS)
- measurement of voltage in connector contacts
- measurement of voltage and current drops
- detection of short-circuits in trailer wiring systems
- measurement of power absorbed by trailer wiring systems
- check of the continuity of wires in CAN bus of trucks and truck trailers (built-in CAN scanner - optional)

- Bluetooth communications with PC
- possible connection to the control unit of Uniline Quantum test lines and generating joint test reports
- option of automatic circuits scanning,
- storage of test results
- easy in use by only one person
- automatic checks of subsequent cuircuits in a tested wiring system
- cables with only one junction (no need for changing cables while testing)

Technical data DZP-1b

Voltage supply:
- wireless version
- with cable

2 x Li-lon

230 V

Power 100 W
Measuring range 12 V/65 W; 24 V/130 W
Measuring range for frequence (cycles/min.) 0 - 300
Load simulation
- for 12 V wiring
- for 24 V wiring
5 W,  10 W,  21 W,  26 W,  42 W
10 W,  21 W,  26 W,  42 W,  100 W
Measuring error 1 %
Dimensions 265 x 150 x 90 mm

set of device with cables (12V/24V) in a practical suitcase