LASZ-4 - Glass tester.

Proper transmission of light in the windows of motor vehicles is the unquestioned basis of road safety. Developed and manufactured by our company Electronic Tester Glass camera sandbar type-4 is a measuring instrument for fast accurate assessment of glass in motor vehicles.

General Information.
Microprocessor apparatus sandbar type-4 is designed to measure light transmission factor is the ratio of luminous flux passing through the glass to the value of the flux incident on it in the windows of vehicles. The device allows measurements in a diagnostic station, and in the open at night and day.
To operate the device type-4 sandbar just one person.

The construction of the instrument.
The basic set-up enter the following components: Recorder, illuminator with a source of white light sensor (measuring head radiation detector)

Technical data:
- internal power supply. - 4 R-6 batteries (eg Duracell)
- powered External - cigarette lighter socket
- size measured - light transmission rate in%
- range - from 0.0 to 100.0%
- resolution read LCD display - 0.1%
- measured the thickness of the glass up from 0-10mm
- ihe maximum absolute error of measurement (for setting the self illumination and sensor from the axis of no more than 2mm) - for conclusive data points for entry into service (70%) of ≤ 1.00%
- in the range of 50% to 100% is ≤ 2%
- in the remains of a white 5%
- radiation detector with characteristics corresponding to the sensitivity of the human eye V (λ) in terms of daylight vision (CIE)
- control of the device, the manufacturer and after each time the bulb, or other electronic components
- ambient temperature range +5 to +40 ° C
- relative humidity below 90%
- atmospheric pressure 750 to 1060hPa
- overall dimensions of the instrument
- illuminator Ф 53 x 150mm
- the sensor Ф 53 x 100mm
- measuring 180x100x45mm Recorder
- weight of the device: illuminator weighs 100g, weighs 50g probe, measurements recorder weighs 500g