BTT-500 - The device simulates and measures forces acting on inertia brake systems of trailers of weight up to 5 t.

BTT-500 is used in vehicle inspection stations, services and garages.
BTT 500 measures the force exerted by the lever on the inertia brake system of a trailer. Its value is determined by the system of two brackets (with built-in strain gauge). The brackets mount to a tow hook and a trailer hitch. The force is recorded by the electronic measuring system.

Easy and comfortable in use:
- legible display
- wireless communications with PC
- possible connection to the control unit of Uniline Quantum test lanes and generating joint test reports
- high measurement accuracy
- the device determines the maximal value of measured forces

Technical data BTT-500
Exerted forces range 0÷500 daN
Measuring resolution 0,1 daN

Measurement accuracy
- range 0–100 daN

- range 100–500 daN


< ± 2 daN

< ± 2%

Supply 6 x R6

wireless communications with PC

the device with a lever, belt in a practical suitcase