LWS-2/MC - Universal brake delay time meters

Efficient vehicle braking systems are the undisputed foundation of traffic safety, regardless of whether it is a fast car or a motorcycle, or apparent "turtle" in the form of a truck or tractor, developed and produced by our company, Universal Decelerometers

BRAKE TESTER is measuring tool for fast and accurate assessment of brake systems for virtually any type of vehicle. Using your computer also enables to perform complex analyzes of acquired data. Meaningful graphs obtained significantly simplify evaluation of the tested vehicles.

The current version of the device, model: BRAKE TESTER LWS-2/MC is an evolution of the "historic" today such models: How FRENOTEST F-4 and FG-4, or LWS-2 A major advantage of the device is the ability to use it anywhere, without the need for measuring positions.

The camera uses the latest version of the achievements of modern microelectronics to increase the precision of measurements and introduces effective techniques for computer data processing. The instrument can analyze the course of braking, capturing the changing values ​​during deceleration, and the pressure on the brake pedal until the full stop.