Diagnostic lane for inspection of vehicles with total weight above 3,5 t, including trucks, buses, tractors, trailers and 4x4 drive vehicles.

Uniline 3000 Quantum test lane used in service centers and repair garages.  We dedicate this lane for companies with their own transport fleet to daily technical inspections of trucks and buses.


1. Side slip tester: UNC-8

2. Roller brake tester: RHC-30

3. Play detector: SZ-16

Common features of the Quantum series devices:

- can function separately or as a part of diagnostic lane (in future it can be also connected into an integrated diagnostic lane)

- is available in both pit and non-pit version

- is protected against corrosion (galvanization and priming)

- is delivered with a frame ensuring proper preparation of the foundation (if applicable)

- multi-lingual software

Designed  for vehicle diagnostics:

- high speed and user friendly

- intuitive Quantum software

- fully automated testing mode

- handy radio remote control

- online technical support

Designed for Your customers:

- repeatable and accurate measurements

- messages and results are displayed on steering unit or optionally on additional LCD displays

- clear and concise reports with test results

- automatic creation of back-up data

Test lanes - accesories:

Radio remote control – 50 m range Wireless brake pedal pressure sensor
Weighing system
Possibility of additional LCD displays connection
Wireless pressure sensor for pneumatic systems
Hydraulic axle loader
Tablet - radio remote control
Automatic testing of braking systems in 4x4 drive vehicles