Advanced and professional solutions for vehicle inspection centres (MoT centers), automotive services and repair garages.

The Uniline Quantum test lanes are high quality vehicle test systems consisting of:

- side slip tester,

- roller brake tester,

- suspension tester,

- play detector,

- gas analyzer and opacimeter,

- head light tester,

- other equipment (according to customer's specification).

The Uniline Quantum devices use best and proven mechanical engineering solutions as well as latest measurement methods and techniques. The test lane are designed for various  types of braking systems of all types of motor vehicles, including cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and trailers.

All the devices are integrated by our Quantum Management software that is developed by our engineers with years of testing experience that utilize the most up-to-date technologies that results in unique features and functionalities. 

The latest Quantum Multi System software integrates several test lanes into a highly efficient and professional test center.

Uniline Quantum lane is a synonym of the latest trends in modern diagnostics, which is confirmed by the appreciation of our customers and industry awards.

Basic types of Quantum test lanes:

Uniline 2000 Quantum - for motorcycles, passenger cars and trailers Uniline 3000 Quantum - for trucks Uniline 5000 Quantum - universal Mobile Test Lane
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