RHC-30 - Roller tester for inspection of braking systems in vehicles with total weight above 3,5 t, including trucks, buses, tractors, trailers and 4x4 drive vehicles.

Roller brake testers allow measuring:

- the effectiveness of braking and working brakes of a vehicle,
- rolling frictions,
- variations of braking forces,
- percentage difference of braking forces.

To operation of roller tester RHC-30 we use Control Unit equipped with a All-in-one PC with the Windows software, A4 printer, keyboard and mouse.

Technical data RHC - 30*
Max axle load 18 t
Braking force range 0-30 kN
Track width 990-2700 mm
Permissible wheel diameter 14-33''
Measured pressure range 0-1 MPa
Range of braking pedal pressure 0-1000 N
Power of engines 2x7,5 kW
Adhesion coefficient for dry- wet tyres 0,9-0,7
Perimeter velocity of rollers 2,5 km/h
Volatge 3 x400 V
* A mobile version available  

application of inverters reduces power consumption and enable the rollers to start smoothly

extremely friction-resistant and safe for tyres coating of roller surface

specially designed motoreducer ensures many years of trouble-free operation


- can function separately or as a part of diagnostic line (in future it can be also connected into am integrated diagnostic line)
- is available in both pit and non-pit version
- is protected against corrosion (galvanization and priming)
- is delivered with a frame ensuring proper preparation of the foundation (if applicable)


- extremely friction-resistant and safe for tyres coating of roller surface
- suitable for testing brakes in 4x4 drive vehicles (automatic detection of drive type)
- the device adapted to test low suspension vehicles
- multi-lingual software

Standard equipment:

Radio remote control – 50 m range
Wireless brake pedal pressure sensor
Wireless  pressure sensor for pneumatic systems

Optional equipment:

Possibility of additional LCD displays connection
Tablet - radio remote control
Automatic testing of braking systems in 4x4 drive vehicles
A mobile version available
Hydraulic axle loader
Weighing system