RHO-6/L - Roller tester for inspection of braking systems in vehicles with total weight up to 3,5 t, including cars, light commercial vehicles and tractors, motorcycles, trailers as well as 4x4 drive vehicles.

Roller brake testers allow measuring:

- the effectiveness of braking and working brakes of a vehicle,
- rolling frictions,
- variations of braking forces,
- percentage difference of braking forces.

To operation of roller tester RHO-6/L we use Control Unit equipped with a All-in-one PC with the Windows software, A4 printer, keyboard and mouse.

Technical data RHO - 6*
Max axle load 2 t
Braking force range 0-6 kN
Track width 900-2140 mm
Permissible wheel diameter 10-28''
Measured pressure range ---
Range of braking pedal pressure 0-1000 N
Power of engines 2x4 kW
Adhesion coefficient for dry- wet tyres 0,9-0,7
Perimeter velocity of rollers 5 km/h
Volatge 3 x400 V
* A mobile version available  


application of inverters reduces power consumption and enable the rollers to start smoothly

extremely friction-resistant and safe for tyres coating of roller surface

specially designed motoreducer ensures many years of trouble-free operation



- can function separately or as a part of diagnostic line (in future it can be also connected into am integrated diagnostic line)
- is available in both pit and non-pit version
- is protected against corrosion (galvanization and priming)
- is delivered with a frame ensuring proper preparation of the foundation (if applicable)


- extremely friction-resistant and safe for tyres coating of roller surface
- suitable for testing brakes in 4x4 drive vehicles (automatic detection of drive type)
- the device adapted to test low suspension vehicles
- multi-lingual software

Standard equipment:

Radio remote control – 50 m range
Wireless brake pedal pressure sensor
Motorcycle cover

Optional equipment:

A mobile version available
Tablet - radio remote control
Automatyczny pomiar sił hamowania w pojazdach z napędem 4x4