SZ - 3,5 - Pneumatic play detector for cars and light commercial vehicles (with total weight up to 3,5 t).

A device generating forced jerks of vehicle’s wheels, called also a play detector, allows a check of plays in elements of suspension and steering systems (e.g. joints, bolts, bearings).


Moving plates force jerks of vehicle’s wheels. This allows a visual check plays and wear of elements in suspension and steering systems (e.g. joints, bolts, bearings).



- combination of different plate’s movements improves the efficiency of testing process
- LED control torch with bright light stream
- grooved and galvanized jerking plates assure long durability of devices
- bitumen coating of the jerking plates prevents wheel slippage


Technical data SZ-3,5
Max axle load 2 t
Movement of plates synchronized and independent

Travel of platest:

- lateral

- rotational


45 mm


Dimension 730 x 650 x 180

Power unit



0,6-0,8 MPa

Supply voltage 230 V

Optional equipment:

Cordless LED control torch and control cabinet
Groved jerking plates
Bitumen coating plates