UNIMETAL is a leading manufacturer of advanced testers for automotive diagnostics. The company has been in business for over 60 years.

We provide a full range of equipment for vehicle inspection stations and garages.


UNIMETAL is located in Poland (near the border with Germany) in Greater Poland Voivodeship with the capital in Poznań known for its modern and booming automotive industry, including car and truck manufacturers.

Our mission is to provide onto the global market a full range of technologically advanced equipment for vehicle inspection stations, governmental road transport inspection units and garages.

Our strategy relies on implementing best technologies, maintaining high quality and fast adaptation to the specific requirements of end-customers and our partners in different countries.


High-tech innovation & Quality

Our competitive advantage is based on technological advancements as well as versatile and the well-designed functionality of our testers. UNIMETAL has its own R&D department employing best class engineers, designers and IT specialists. Consequently our testers are based on best up-to-date solutions and set new standards on the markets.

The products are manufactured in our modern production plant and they consist of high quality components and parts (made in Europe). We developed our own technologies for metal processing as well as for coating and welding rollers.

Moreover, all the electronic modules and software are designed and developed by UNIMETAL. The high quality is achieved due to the rigorous quality management system and strict quality inspection.


Cooperation & Partnership

We are present in many countries across the world under our own brands. We also manufacture for other known brands in Europe. Currently, we are intensively expanding our distribution network and we pass certifications on new markets.

Join the group of our satisfied customers and partners.



- software in any language,

- innovative optional equipment,

- adaptation to legal requirements in each country,

- effective and comprehensive training,

- we speak English, German, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.